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Winter CSA Deliveries Weekly Starting March 3rd

Posted on February 26th, 2022 by Dave Redfearn

We're glad we managed to work around the snow storm last time.  Hopefully we're done with Thursday snow storms?!! 

We're back to weekly winter CSA pickups for the next 8 consecutive weeks, so no need to try to figure out if you are getting veggies this week or not.  The final winter CSA pickup is April 21st. 

We're anxious for some nice spring growth as we come into the spring thaw.  We've been clearing out some older greens and replanting with fresh greens and roots that will be feeding us for the next several weeks.  Everything is about to start growing quickly in the sunshine.

The ground has been frozen for longer than usual, so we've not been able to get in to dig up some of the roots in the field.  During a recent thaw we managed to get in and dig up a whole bunch of the Jerusalem artichokes.  If you haven't tried them, you should give them a try.  They're our favorite roasted veggie.  Super healthy and delicious....their one downside is....well...people often call them "fartichokes" for good reason.

This week's stir fry greens will be very prolific.  We're planning on bagging larger amounts per bag which will make them perfect for cooking greens.  Some of these greens have started to flower which means we have to harvest them ASAP and also means they're fairly big (hence the larger bags of greens per portion).  If you find some pretty white or yellow flowers in your stir fry greens, they're all edible and quite delicious.  We'll be clearing out a couple beds of these this week to replant, so feel free to grab a whole bunch of them (they'll cook down quite a bit). 

Have you joined us in our daikon-a-day routine? :) We've got so many of these beautiful roots so don't be shy.  They'll pair well with the stir fry greens!

Bread: Farm to Market 8- Grain Sliced

Cheese: Hemme Brothers Quark

Have a blessed day,

Dave and Sheri