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Back to School, Back to Veggies

Posted on August 28th, 2021 by Dave Redfearn

Although the heat of summer is still here, summer vacation is officially over.  School is in session.  Life is settling down again, hopefully.  Are you managing to get into the new routine including meal prep?  We hope your veggie share helps with that!  We've got six weeks left of the CSA season (including this week).  

We are finishing up the details for the winter CSA season.  We'll get those details out to you as soon as we have the signup set up for the winter season.  Winter slots are limited, i.e. we don't have as many spots as we do in the summer, so not everyone will be able to be part of the winter season.

How to ensure you are able continue into the winter CSA season?

Were you a winter CSA member last year?  If so, just make sure your account settings are set to Auto Renew "ON" and you will automatically be subscribed at the same share size and any add on shares you had last winter.  

If you weren't a winter member last season, once we run the auto renewal for last year's winter CSA members we'll send out a special invite link where you can sign up.  This will be for current CSA members only.  We want to make sure you can join if you want to before opening up to new members.  



If you like the CSA and want to maintain your membership, we would recommend you insure that your Harvie settings are set to AutoRenew "ON".  You can find out by going to and checking that the slider is set to "ON" rather than "OFF".  After we complete the autorenewal for the winter CSA and finish signups for the winter CSA (in mid September) and just prior to the end of the main CSA season, we will process autorenewals for the 2022 summer CSA season.  If you want to be part of the summer CSA next year, make sure you have autorenew set to "ON".  

What's hot and what's not

Tomato production is down but pepper production is way up.  You know what else is way up? BEANS!!! Especially the Chinese long beans and the yellow beans, but we've got green beans, romano and some purple beans too.  The okra are also going crazy in the heat.  We underestimated the harvest last week and had to take a bunch to market.  We'd much rather have you take them if you want them so we're stocking Harvie way up on okra.  What else do we have a lot of? Garlic and new potatoes. 

You may have noticed a social post about ginger.  We've had mixed success with ginger this year.  We have some areas that didn't receive adequate water and are struggling for survival so we started the ginger harvest a little early this year with those plants.  We want to salvage what we can, which means these first couple weeks of ginger will be on the small side and not as awesome as we expect the ginger from subsequent plantings to be.  It's still perfectly good and maybe similar to last year's crop (we didn't do so well last year on ginger).  But be patient while we clear out the b-team ginger while we let the a-team ginger continue to grow. 

Bread, Cheese and Asian Pears 

Did you love those asian pears last week?  We've been snacking on them constantly!  We've got more for this week.  We're checking with our friends at Trails West to see if they can get us more for future weeks, but as of now, this will be your last chance for asian pears (ours all got hit by frost this year so we can only get them from our friends).

Bread: Farm to Market, Large Sourdough Sliced loaf

Cheese: Hemme Brothers Smoked Applewood Curds, 10 oz.  

Have a great week!

Dave and Sheri