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It's Official, Spring has begun!!

Posted on March 20th, 2021 by Dave Redfearn

Spring is in the air at the farm!  The first of the cucumbers have been transplanted in the tunnels.  We're about to plant the second round of tomatoes in the tunnels.  Ginger is sprouting nicely.  The garlic looks beautiful!  We're getting ready to plant more onions than we ever have (on top of the wonderful overwintered onions that are emerging).  The bees are buzzing and the trees are just starting to bud!  AND we're officially at the spring equinox marking the beginning of the 12 hour day!  

And the harvests are looking great too!  lots and lots of greens right now.  If you get to the end of the week with a fridge full of greens, just blanch and freeze them for further meals!  The "imperfect spinach" is a great way to bulk up on amazing greens.  What makes them imperfect is that they've overwintered outside and have some yellowing of the leaves.  It tastes great, especially if you plan to cook it!  We're harvesting it so that new greener growth can replace it.  (dirty little secret though: the imperfect spinach that has been nipped by frost is the sweetest of all because the spinach plant puts extra sugar in the leaves to prevent frost damage).  

New cheese available this week from Hemme Brothers Creamery.  It's an extra sharp cheddar.  We couldn't wait and made some amazing grilled cheese from it!!!  

Bread shares this week:

Artisan: French Farm

Sliced: Great Grains


Happy Spring!!!

Dave and Sheri