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Happy Spring!

Posted on March 13th, 2021 by Dave Redfearn

Even though the first day of spring is just a week away, we've got many more weeks of the winter CSA remaining (misnamed perhaps????).  The last day of the winter CSA is April 22/23.

And if you did NOT yesterday receive the email with the subject line: "Summer CSA Info Including NEW pickup Location and Cheese Share" then that means you are NOT signed up for the summer CSA.  And that's totally OK as long as you intended it.  We'd hate for you to think you had signed up for summer and after the last day of the winter CSA you go for the first summer pickup finding there are no veggies for you because you hadn't signed up.  Believe us, it happens every year and it makes us sad.  So, if you want to be part of the summer CSA and don't find that email in your inbox or one of your spam filters, then please make haste and sign up.  We're about to close signups for the summer and we don't want you to miss out.  

The wet weather has been good for the farm.  We had done a lot of prep work and planting including a whole bunch of covercrop seeding with a hopeful eye to the forecast.  Thanks, weathermen and women for giving us a good view of this week's weather!  Spring carrots and peas are seeded, cabbage, broccoli, kohlrabi, greens, radishes and turnips and even some new weird crops are all in the ground enjoying the wet weather to either germinate or in the case of the transplants get established.  And oh, the overwintered onion and garlic fields are gloriously green!!!  Yes we'll have some more frosts before its all over, but spring is in the air!  Outdoors we're only planting cold-tolerant crops.  But in the tunnels we've already started planting tomatoes, cucumbers, basil and beets!  The spring conversion is upon us.  But oh how we have a lot of amazing produce ready right now!!! Overwintered leeks, spinach and carrots are glorious!

Can you tell we are excited for seeing green outside!!!  

For bread shares this week:

Artisan - Italian

Sliced - 8-grain


Happy Spring y'all

Dave and Sheri