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Week 3 of Winter CSA

Posted on November 7th, 2020 by Dave Redfearn

I want you to know that I VOTED for this weather and the election is undisputed!  Wow!  What beautiful weather!  With fall like this, the greens are going bonkers!  The outdoor fields are still looking great and the crops in the high tunnels are looking good as well.  Life is good on the farm right now!  

High tunnel number 5 is nearly complete; at least complete enough that weather is no longer a factor in it's construction.  Sheri and the kids have been handling most of the normal farm tasks while Paul and I have been laying it all out to get the tunnel completed!  Thanks a bunch to Eric who came out before sunrise the other day to help us get the plastic on before the wind kicked up!  

We took some time off this weekend to relax a bit and enjoy the weather.  First Saturday off from market in a very long time!  We can't tell you how much we appreciate you working with us to make the winter CSA possible through weekday pickups!  We're looking forward to some continued R&R on the weekends and Sheri has already put us to work cleaning the house and I'm sure she'll have me fixing some things around the house that I've let go.  So thanks for helping give us a chance to have weekends off this winter!  


We're excited to offer some new add-on items this week from a couple of really cool farms in the area.  Pecans from Prothe Farms and wheat berries from City Farmer Foods.   The Prothes' hand transplanted their pecan orchard when they were in their 50's and now 30 years later are reaping an incredible harvest.   Hayley moved back to her family farm a few years ago and along with her dad has converted their family farm into organic production of grains at City Farmer Foods. 

Go nuts with the Prothes' amazing pecans for your Thanksgiving plans!  Find new and exciting uses for wheat berries.  They're great on salads or if you have your own mill, grind fresh organic local flour.  (We're working with Hayley on providing flour as well, but right now we're starting with the wheat berries). 

Bread Shares

For Those with bread shares this week, we'll be enjoying the following: 

Artisan Loaf: Sourdough

Sliced Bread: Cinnamon Raisin

If you want to add a bread share for winter, you still can.  Just email me and let me know which kind (sliced or artisan) and I can add that to your winter CSA order.

We'll also be offering bread shares for summer, and you can actually do that yourself if you log in to Harvie and go to "place order" (as long as you have already signed up for a summer CSA share).  For winter, you can't sign up yourself, you'll just need to email me.

Hope you are enjoying the weather and the veggies it's producing!  Have a great week!


Your farmers,

Dave and Sheri