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CSA Week 5

Posted on May 14th, 2021 by Conrad Cable

Hey y'all! 


We have a great selection of vegetables this week! Potatoes and carrots are making their first appearance in shares this week. The purple carrots grew fastest, so the orange carrots will follow in the coming weeks. We do not wash our new potatoes, because once the dirt is removed, they become susceptible to rot. 


This week on the farm, we received a delivery of compost, and purchased all our potting mix for the summer and fall seasons. Hopefully we can increase our total number of beds by 30% going into the Fall season. The compost does so many things to give life to the soil on our farm. It is an investment. Over time, the number of worms has exploded, and we are beginning to develop complex fungi networks through our field plots. The farm is surely alive. The blackberries are in full bloom, and the blueberries are just loaded. I have been loving being around the pollinators, and the birds. There is a pair of hawks i watch hunt over our farm. Their nest is within sight, and hopefully I will notice their young leave the nest in the coming month.  


Additionally, we love getting feedback from you. Thank you for letting us know you have been having food waste. We have been loaded with abundant harvests and have been putting large bundles, or extra lettuce in the shares. We will reduce the size of bundles going forward. 


For members with home delivery, please remember to leave an ice chest for your shares. We do not have enough tubs to leave them for every delivery. 


Fiesta pick ups, please remember that the pick day for you all is on Tuesdays. Going forward, your shares will not be available for pick ups after Tuesday. We are so thankful they let us use their location as a pick-up point. When they give y'all a bag, it does cost them money, so please don't forget to bring your own reusable bags on Tuesdays. 


We appreciate all of you for being members of our farm. We have had lots of extra shares available, so check out our referral coupon on Harvie! Thank you all who have had your friends and family members join!   


Cook something tasty this week, 


Conrad Cable