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CSA Week 4

Posted on May 7th, 2021 by Conrad Cable

Good Afternoon Members!

I hope all of you are going to enjoy Mother's Day this weekend. Our mom, Fran, helps are farm in so many ways. She is our number one fan, a CSA member, and she has been covering the Dean of Flowers pick ups and the Marion deliveries. We appreciate all that you do for us! 



This week on the farm, we received six caterpillar tunnels! We have plans to use some to grow greens under shade cloth, others will be used for tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers, and one for all of our seedlings. This could be the last week for bok choy for three weeks. We are transplanting new boks, so we will be back with them very soon! Next week, we will start offering potatoes and zucchini. 



This week, I'm loving all the fresh greens in big salads for dinner and supper. We love seeing what our members cook, so keep up the tagging on social media! I saw some real tasty and beautifully served meals by Camille, Tonya, Brandi, and Delia. 



Tuna found some extra time this week and made a batch of mayhaw jelly, which is the state jelly of Louisiana. These mayhaws were foraged from wild trees by our friend, Will Rhodes! I'm adding a few jars to the add-ons. Thank you for choosing add-ons for the shares! We love creating the a community around local food, and the opportunity to help other farms. I definitely day dream about working with others and starting a local food cooperative.