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CSA Week 4

Posted on May 25th, 2024 by Dave Redfearn

What a beautiful week, we've enjoyed!  I hope you've gotten a chance to spend a little time outside to enjoy the beautiful creation!  Weeks like this make me feel a little guilty for my job knowing so many are stuck behind a desk in the AC (like I am right now) for hours on end every day.  Thanks for doing whatever you are doing to improve human flourishing and to earn a living to help put veggies on the table.  We may be more directly involved in the growing process, but your economic contribution to the farm and your culinary expertise is all part of putting those veggies on the table. 

How's that going, by the way?  Don't get discouraged it you've had trouble keeping up.  I'm almost positive your CSA membership is helping stretch you to eat more greens and more of the good stuff.  If you have to compost something from time to time, you aren't a failure.  We have to compost stuff from our fridge sometimes too, when plans change or something gets shoved back to the recesses of the crisper drawer.  Take heart, learning to eat with the seasons is a growing process.  We've not been able to spend much time on the social media platforms but if you are part of our Private CSA Facebook page, check there for inspiration and feel empowered to ask for ideas.  "What should I do with my Collard Greens?" will likely get you half a dozen great recipe ideas.  Or when you see Sheri, be sure to ask her.  You can ask me (Dave), but I may lead you astray and refer you to Sheri to set you straight.  We basically started farming because we loved eating her delicious cooking and she needed super fresh ingredients to make those meals come alive.  I don't really know how to cook them, I'm focused on growing the veggies for her to make the magic from. 

But she didn't start out as a good cook, believe me.  It took years and she's still learning.  Maybe I can get her to suggest some of her favorite food bloggers that help inspire her online. 

The greens will be diminishing as the summer heat comes on and we get more of the summer crops coming, so get ready for the available veggies to slowing switch into those much beloved crops.  We've planted thousands of tomato plants and the first plantings of cherry tomatoes are about to start producing.  Before you know it, you'll be sick of tomatoes, but I know, right now you just can't wait!  Now is the time to enjoy the sugar snap peas, broccolini, napa cabbage, garlic scapes and spring onions.  These crops will only be around for a few more weeks, so get them while you can.  Some of them (like garlic scapes, peas, and spring onions) are only once a year crops, while some will be making a reappearance in the fall when we can plant a second round for cooler weather.    

Bread and Cheese

Farm to Market Sourdough Sliced Large Loaf

Hemme Brothers Pizza Cheese 

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! 

Your farmers, Dave and Sheri