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Spring rush on the farm!

Posted on April 13th, 2024 by Dave Redfearn

It's the spring rush here on the farm! Dave is way too busy to write anything, so you will have to bear with a few lines from me (Sheri). Since last week, we have been busy transplanting: round 2 of the spring Broccolini and Napa Cabbage, over a thousand sweet pepper plants and hundreds of regular tomato plants into our tunnels. Dave has planted many beds (100 feet long) of lettuces, spring greens, roots, etc.. Dave is our planner on the farm. He has developed a great system to ensure that our CSA members have a good variety of produce for as long as possible, thus planting almost every week in the year.  

What's great on the harvest list this week? As the cook of the family, I am loving the salad turnips with greens this time of year! They are delicious raw and on salads (hence the name :), but they are also delicious sliced and sautéed (in butter or olive oil) until tender crisp. Then I like to chop and saute the turnip greens and serve the roots and greens next to each other. The spinach is doing great and delicious; the spinach leaves are medium to large so I made our bag size larger, and we also have some huge over wintered spinach that I'll bunch (instead of bag). Nearly every day this week I have cooked greens to go with our meals: Stir- fried Komatsuna or Bok Choy to go with a Chinese dinner, sautéed spinach to go with eggs, Italian food, and Curry, and sautéed Chard is a healthy side dish with anything. I also love salads with grains, roasted root vegetables and greens (like arugula or kale mix). Anyway, the cooking and preparing of our vegetables is my favorite part of the farm life. Don't forget to join and post your favorite "recipes" on our private Facebook group ( P.S. If you want to ask to join the group, please answer the membership questions; it makes it easier for me to accept your request. 

Bread and Cheese

Farm to Market Rosemary Olive Oil Artisan Loaf

Hemme Brothers Chive curds

Thank you so much for eating the seasons with us! 

Dave and Sheri