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Jan 19-20 CSA pickups

Posted on January 14th, 2023 by Dave Redfearn

We hope you are having a good 2023 thus far.  We've enjoyed some milder weather the last couple weeks.  We've had time to put the finishing touches on the newest greenhouse, and we're preparing to plant some more carrots and spinach for spring.  We've been continuing to seed greens, lettuces and radishes in the heated greenhouses, but as expected, things are growing very slowly this time of year because of the short day lengths.  The good news is we're a few weeks past the winter solstice so we get a couple more minutes of daylight every day.  Come mid-February, things will speed up, but right now, things are fairly chill around the farm.  That's good because it gives us time to hit the schoolbooks extra hard doing multiple lessons per day to catch up and get ahead for our busy spring and also leaves time for plenty of family game nights.  

These January and February weeks tend to be a little heavy on the roots and lighter on the greens simply because the greens are growing so slowly.  This is also why we drop to every other week deliveries in January and February.  

Pastured Meats!

This week is special because we have a Farrar Family Farm pastured meat delivery at our farm that coincides with the winter CSA pickup on Thursday January 19th. If you haven't tired out Gabe and Katie's amazing meats, you should check them out and learn more about their farm.  You can still order for a pickup at our farm or they also offer delivery to other areas of the KC metro, so check them out at  They even offer a meat CSA.

2023 Summer CSA Signup

If you haven't yet signed up for the 2023 summer CSA season, you can do that here  or pass it along to your friends.  Not sure if you are signed up?  Here are some nice instructions on how to view your orders

Bread and Cheese

Farm to Market Great Grains Sliced Bread

Hemme Brother's Chive Curds

Thanks for supporting your local farmers.  We're grateful that you are spending the winter with us!

Dave and Sheri