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3 More CSA pickups before Christmast

Posted on November 26th, 2022 by Dave Redfearn

We hope you had a happy Thanksgiving.  Are you ready for some fresh veggies after all that pie?  We'll be back to weekly CSA deliveries for the next three weeks before we take a couple weeks off for Christmas and New Year's.  Just to reiterate the schedule will be Dec 1, Dec 8, Dec 15, then off until Jan 5 when the every other week, deliveries start.

We've been glad for a little warmer weather after that frigid couple weeks had made things a bit difficult.  We managed to get all the overwintered onions and garlic in the ground that we'll be harvesting for the 2023 summer CSA as well as some final cover crops to keep the soil full of living roots all winter long.  Other than that, there isn't much planting going on now.  We're still plugging away at the newest high tunnel construction project.  Once complete, we'll plant there for some extra early spring harvests.  We're less than a month away from the shortest day of the year, so crops in the high tunnels are growing extremely slowly now, which is why we had to get them planted, established and mostly grown before this time of year sets in. Now we can harvest fresh greens all winter and there isn't such a rush to make sure to harvest the greens before they get oversized.  

What's hot this week: 

We're harvesting the first of the Jerusalem artichokes.  These are a really fun potato substitute. They are a winter treat that we hope to have all winter long as the ground thaws enough for us to dig them.  Spinach is really at its prime now.  Take advantage of the bulk bags for extra large quantities for cooking.  Now that we've had several hard frosts, the spinach is especially sweet.  We've got lots and lots of beets (hurray they did better than ever this year), and we'll have ginger for the next few weeks before we run out.  We're targeting harvesting all the remaining ginger before the new year so we can drop the thermostat way down in that high tunnel (This extra early cold and high price on propane is definitely a challenge).  So stock up on the ginger so we can stop heating that greenhouse so much! 

Bread and Cheese

Farm to Market 100% Whole Wheat Sliced bread

Hemme Brothers Applewood smoked curds 

Blessed to be your farmers,

Dave and Sheri