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Winter CSA Week 4: Thankfulness

Posted on November 5th, 2022 by Dave Redfearn

Times, they are a-change'n.  Don't forget to fall back 2AM Sunday morning Nov 5th.  Get an extra hour of sleep or stay up an hour later?  Which do you prefer?  We usually end up staying up later playing board games or perhaps watching a movie, or maybe both.

The rhythm of life for us is about to slow down.  Days are shorter, which cuts into the work hours and as nights get colder and we have to wait longer and longer into the morning or even afternoon for the veggies to get above freezing, we're also limited in our harvest windows each week.  This means we have more time to hit the books early and more times for games and reading in the evenings.  But, we've been hustling lately to get things done before the winter cold really sets in and hampers our outdoor activities.  There are so many roots still out in the field that we need to get harvested and safely stored in our coolers.  There are also onions and garlic that needs to get planted and a new greenhouse that needs to be built before the ground freezes solid for winter.  So last week, we were really hustling to get as much done as possible on those beautiful 70 degree sunny days knowing that kind of weather in November is a gift and won't last for long.  We're very grateful for the nice weather and the rain replenishing the groundwater and springs that feed our irrigation pond.  

As we head toward Thanksgiving its good to get into an attitude of thankfulness.  What are you thankful for and to whom are you thankful? I believe thankfulness is an antidote to sadness, envy, and stress.  It's hard to be overwhelmed by any of those feelings when you are consistently thankful.  Can we be thankful for the blessings that others have rather than want them for ourselves?  Can we be thankful for the economic situation we are in (knowing that no matter how tight our modern budget, we're far more "wealthy" than 99.99% of the people who ever walked this planet)?  I'm thankful to God who provides every good and perfect gift through Jesus Christ for providing a loving wife and children for whom I'm proud to be called their father.  I'm grateful for a home-based business and homeschool that allows us to be home and engaged in our children's lives.  I'm grateful for relatively good health and the ability to do physical, productive labor.  I'm grateful for each of you entrusting us with the responsibility to raise a portion of your food.  I'm grateful for seasons of activity and seasons of slowness.  I'm thankful for our great big delivery van, especially when its running well! What about you?  What blessings ought we not take for granted?

Things in abundance

Ode to the daikon radish!  If you haven't tried one, you'll find these are the best nutritional value for the money you can find.  They only grow in fall, so they're only available during the winter CSA.  They grow really well and are super nutritious and delicious.  We're back on our "daikon-a-day" routine at the Redfearn home as we enjoy this fall abundance.  Ginger is still prolific and we're looking to do a good greens harvest from outside this week as well before the super cold weather sets in and may damage more outdoor crops.  Beets!  The beets have done really well this fall, so don't be shy about grabbing extras of those!  


Bread and Cheese

Farm to Market Italian Artisan Loaf

Hemme Brothers Garlic-Dll Curds


Thank you!

Dave and Sheri