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Want to help with Sweet Potato Harvesting?

Posted on September 24th, 2022 by Dave Redfearn

Both the calendar and the weather agree that autumn is upon us!  We've been enjoying sleeping with the windows open and harvesting in crisp cool weather.  Hurray for flannel shirts!  I don't know the stats but this summer, though maybe not record breaking with regard to absolute high temperatures sure seemed extra warm with not that many cool stretches.  Maybe we'll have a few more hot days but it certainly feels like we're headed into fall, which I said last week is our favorite time of year.  

You've been asking when we'll be harvesting sweet potatoes.  Well, we're going to do a first harvest Saturday October 1st.  The weather looks beautiful and the soil conditions are good.  The longer we leave them in the ground, the bigger they'll get, but if we want to have sweet potatoes available for ya'll before the summer season ends, we've got to get out there and dig some up.   You never really know how well they have done until you plow up a row and start hunting for tubers.  Would you like to join us?  This is a fun event that even little kids enjoy helping with (as long as their parents don't mind them getting rather dirty:).  Hunt for sweet potatoes, brush off the dirt, carefully load up crates and then haul the crates back to our curing chamber.  That's about it.  Once they've cured for around a week, they're ready to store or eat.  Curing isn't necessary before eating but it's essential for long term storage and it actually makes them taste better.  You can eat them straight out of the ground but they're much better after being cured at 80 degrees and 95% humidity for a week.  

Join us Saturday October 1st from 3:00 to 5:00pm and we'll see how many we can dig.   


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The countdown to the end and how to enroll for next year.

Just a reminder that the final week of the main season CSA will be October 13-15 (3 weeks including this one).  The winter CSA starts the following week and continues until the end of April 2023.  We've opened up the winter CSA to new members (we have a number of slots available) so if were thinking about continuing or have a friend you think would enjoy it, please pass along our info.  They can sign up at

We'll be running our autorenewal for the summer 2023 season on October 17th.  If you don't want to rejoin for next year you need to make sure your account is set to Autorenew off when we run the renewal on October 17th.  Detailed instructions on how to check and change your status are at the end of this message.

As the season draws to a close, we want to express how thankful we are that you've been a part of our farm this year.  We've built our farm to serve our CSA members.  We feel honored to provide healthy produce to our CSA members.  Thanks for all the stories you share with us about the benefits you receive through your membership and connection with our farm.  They encourage us and keep us going.  Would you mind writing about your CSA experience in a google review or on Facebook?  How has the CSA made an impact on your life?  What did you never know you loved until you tired it?  Your stories would be an encouragement to us and might help others experience the same benefits.


Thanks for letting us help feed you this year!

Dave and Sheri


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