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Green is the new black

Posted on September 3rd, 2022 by Dave Redfearn

It's cooling down enough that greens are coming back in style!  We strive to grow what greens we can all summer but during the high heat of July and August quantity, quality and variety all drop to some extent.  But now, though we are still experiencing fairly high temperatures, the evenings are cooling down enough for the greens to thrive.  We've been devouring some amazing stir fry greens and arugula this week and can't wait to share them with you!  

More apple varieties are ripening so we should be able to harvest more for you this week.  Again, don't ask me the varieties.  We lost our map.  We just keep testing different trees to see which ones are ready to harvest.  Obviously we are not professional orchardists.  And no, you won't find a perfect looking, Eve-tempting apple from our trees.  Given the subsequent curse and our disdain for chemical pesticides, they aren't perfect but they are delicious!

Lots and Lots of Long Beans!

Have you tried the long beans?  They're amazing and suddenly extremely prolific.  The yard long name is a bit of an exaggeration but they're every bit of a foot long for sure!  They're an Asian bean that we got hooked on while living in China and since they originate from a completely different continent than the traditional green bean, their genetics and thus disease, pest and weather tolerance are also different.  This helps us diversify our crops and reduce the risk of complete crop failure.  So, the green beans, while producing some haven't been performing the best this summer, the long beans are outperforming them and providing some much needed beans.  Still not sold, check out this guy's glowing review of long beans.  Give them a try!

Have you tried the Fresh Milled Flour yet?

I had some questions about the flour that I realize I couldn't answer.  Sheri has been loving it for baking but I wanted to know more details so I reached out to the miller for more info about the flour.  Here's what he says.  The all purpose flour is:
  • Stone Milled
  • Unbleached, unenriched, contains no additives
  • Has not been pasteurized, heat treated or oxidized
  • Milled from certified organic grains
  • Grown in Sweet Springs, MO by Greg Guier at 180 Farms 70 miles from the mill
  • Is high extraction flour at 80% - this means that it lives between the world of whole wheat and refined flour
  • We only sift off the largest 20% of bran and the rest of the germ and bran is ground into the flour very finely. This results in a high performing and flavorful flour using traditional milling methods.
The flour was also listed best flour of 2022 Editor's picks in Kansas City Magazine here and featured in this month's Pitch here. Give it a try.  We know you'll love it!
Winter CSA Signups Open September 10
If you were a winter CSA member last year and you have autorenew set to "on" in Harvie, you don't need to do anything to sign up.  The autorenew order will run on September 6 for you and the order will complete on the 9th.  For those who were not members last winter and want to join in, signups open on the 10th.  I'll send links to sign up in next Saturday's (the 10th) email.  But don't worry, we've still got many weeks of the main season CSA left to go.  The final week of the main CSA is October 13-15.  
Bread and Cheese
Farm to Market  Sourdough Sliced, extra large loaf
Hemme Brothers Rubbed and Smoked Cheddar
Be of good cheer, the greens are here.
Dave and Sheri