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Happy Belated First Day of Summer

Posted on June 25th, 2022 by Dave Redfearn

In the course of human events

What a blessing a few cool days in the midst of a heat wave have been.  Those cooler days serve as a reminder that even though summer only officially started a few days ago, the seasons are governed by, well, seasons.  Thankfully we do not live in a land of perpetual stagnation.  Those seasons are governed by the 23.5 degree tilt on the earth's axis, our particular geographic location on the globe (39.09 degrees north of the equator), our planet's distance of 94.49 million miles from the sun and orbit speed of 67,000 miles per hour.  Those are the big factors that govern our seasonal fluctuations each year, but they're also effected by geographic influences like our distance from oceans and mountain ranges, surface conditions like vegetation and snow cover and ocean temperature gradients.  There are major cycles at play including the carbon cycle and water cycle which regulate atmospheric conditions including cloud cover.  It's amazing to think about all that went into that 10-day forecast we farmers rely so heavily upon.  It's also awe inspiring to think that if any one of those big factors like our distance to the sun was different by only a few percentage points, we would not only be uncomfortable, but life would be impossible.  

The cycle is continuing.  Spring has ended. Summer has begun.  Autumn will come.  Winter, with the snow and ice that is so hard to imagine right now, will come.  The seasons are inevitable, governed by laws and systems outside of our control.  We don't shake our fist at the seasons; we order our lives in such a way that they conform to them.  

In our post-modern world we like to think that we are all self-made individuals fully autonomous and commanding our own destiny.  Our successes we chalk up to our own ingenuity and hard work....and...somehow, our failures we can usually blame on someone else.  But we fail to see how the person we are is influenced by bigger factors than our DNA or the choices we freely make.  We grow up in a climate.  There are huge factors at play that help shape the way we think and shape that inner self we so jealously protect and admire.  Imagine if you had been born to a family in 16th century England or 18th century India.  Even if you could manage to have the same DNA, you'd be a completely different person with different dreams and aspirations.  Your idea of happiness and the values you would cherish would most likely be far different than they are today.  

Climate change is real!  Our cultural climate is changing rapidly.  Due to this climate change we are rapidly becoming very different people than our ancestors.  And far more than a two or three degree Celsius change over 100 years, this climate change will dramatically effect our lives and the lives of our children; it won't simply effect where and how they live, but it will effect who they become. 

Back to real global weather Change for a second.  Change isn't necessarily a bad thing, in and of itself, so why are people so concerned about it?  Because we believe that there are natural limits to temperature and atmospheric conditions that exhibit the best conditions for life and human flourishing.  We are afraid that our influence could take us outside the natural bounds and result in human suffering. We call it a climate crisis and an impending climate disaster.  And maybe it is.

Like a physical climate, are there cultural conditions and natural bounds in a society--unchangeable moral laws and truths that best lead toward human happiness and human flourishing?  Is it dangerous to leave those limits behind?  Is there a natural "sweet spot" for human society that cultures throughout the ages have attempted to guard through various cultural institutions?  

Are we headed toward an emancipated utopia or a climate disaster when everyone does whatever is right in his own eyes?  

Summer Sun

So, now that summer is officially here and that heat wave killed off most of the cool-season crops, it's time for changes in our harvest and cooking pallet.  Tomatoes are ramping up.  I was excited to see tomatoes in most people's boxes this past week because I know how much you want them and I know how tasty they are.  This year we went for flavor rather than productivity in the tomato arena.  Obviously we want enough fruit to satisfy your needs but we want it to be ever-so-delicious fruit.  So we dropped some varieties that we grew last year which were super productive but we didn't think were very tasty.  This year we went with our favorite tasting tomatoes, and I think you'll agree that it was a good decision (though it will take many more plants and space to feed us all).   Production is ramping up though maybe not as fast as we had hoped.  That heat wave aborted a large proportion of tomato flowers which may result in a little lull, but we're hoping for good pollination with these cooler evenings and better harvests to follow.  

We'll do the work, take each day at a time, and harvest what's ready this week.


Bread and Cheese  

Bread: Farm to Market Great Grains Sliced Loaf

Cheese: Hemme Brother's "Brother's Keeper" (Extra- sharp cheddar) 

Happy Summer from your farmers,

Dave and Sheri


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