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Allium Time!

Posted on May 21st, 2022 by Dave Redfearn

"True friends chop the onion, and cry together"

Ok, folks.  There are seasons of plenty and seasons of want.  Right now, we're in the season of plenty with regard to alliums: Onions, leeks, green onions, green garlic!  Yep, they're all ready and we have an abundance!!!  The leeks need to get harvested to make room for the sweet potatoes, the onions are wanting to flower because of the hot snap, and the green onions are crowding some tomatoes, so we've got high hopes to harvest a whole lot of these allium family crops for you this week.  But we'll only harvest what you put in your box, so don't be shy about stocking up.  With regard to stocking up, the onions are fresh, not cured, so they are not for long term storage, but they'll keep in the fridge for a few weeks just fine, just like green garlic, green onions and leeks.  

Broccolini are really pumping now.  It's so hard to predict how many bunches we'll get, especially with the cool down this week.  But we'll put as many on the availability list as we can to start with and then as the weekend progresses, we may add more even Monday if they're looking good, so if you haven't yet gotten your broccolini fix and the item shows "sold out" on your first look, check back Monday afternoon or evening (FYI, you can swap things, skip your share, or change your pickup location as long as you do it before 8:00AM Tuesday mornings.  That's the hard deadline where you're locked in for the week, so we know exactly how much to harvest).  Broccolini is a real treat that we only get to enjoy in spring and fall.  Too hot in summer for us but we get a couple weeks of good harvests in spring and fall, so enjoy it while it lasts!

You know what else we have a lot of? Spinach!  Big beautiful, tasty spinach.  Another crop that will soon bow out due to the heat, but one we can enjoy for at least a couple more weeks.

The first of the kohlrabi are ready this week as well, hurrah!

What's around the corner?

I spied a garlic scape emerging the other day, so those should be coming soon as well!  Did we plant too much garlic and onions?  I don't know.  Maybe.  Though the weather this spring has sort of stockpiled some crops to make them all ready at once.  

You know what else is just around the corner?  Sugar snap peas!!! They're covered with beautiful white flowers now.   We just need this cool weather to hang around for a couple more weeks and we should be enjoying a bumper crop soon!

Oh, the Napa cabbages are looking beautiful.  We may sneak a few on the list this week, or we may let them size up a little more, but they're getting close!

Tomatoes????  Not quite.  The plants are looking good and loading up with fruit, but its still green fruit.  Once they do start to ripen, they'll be in short supply for a couple weeks.  Major tomato harvest season won't be until around the first of July this year due to the cool spring, but we can assure you that, barring major incident, we have enough plants in the ground to eventually be begging you to take more.  It'll just be a while before we start the harvest and ramp up to that kind of abundance.

All part of the CSA experience, right? Our plates reflect the changing of the seasons and we always have something to look forward to.


We hope you are enjoying the start to the season.  Several of you have asked if we have room for more members.  The answer is: YES!  And did you know you both can receive $25 of Harvie credit when you refer a friend?  Check out this link for instructions on how to do that and thanks for helping us reach more amazing people like you!!!


Bread and Cheese

Bread: Farm to Market Italian Bread

Cheese: Hemme Brothers Garlic- Herb Curds 

Thanks for being super-cool localvores!

Dave and Sheri