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Going to be a HOT one!

Posted on May 6th, 2022 by Dave Redfearn

We're all experiencing Hot Flashes

If you haven't seen the forecast, get ready for an early taste of summer!  An entire week in the 90's in early May after an exceptionally cool spring isn't exactly what the farmer ordered, but we'll roll with it.  

We are a bit concerned what the sudden heat wave will do to the cool season spring crops that are several weeks behind because of the cool spring.  A week like this normally doesn't happen until mid to late June but when it does, it normally finishes off the sugar snap peas, but normally the peas are fruiting at the time.  Again, because of the cool spring, they're still pretty short and haven't stated flowering yet.  We're hoping they can survive the heat and that milder weather soon follows.  High temperature swings can also cause Napa cabbage and broccoli to go to flower.  That would really be a shame because we have thousands of theses plants out there and they look really good, just not ready yet.  We'll do what we can, giving them drip irrigation to cool their roots on the hottest days (not that they need water after last week).

The good news is that the hot weather has spurred us on to get the tomatoes, and peppers in the ground and even the okra and the first beans!!! So, it isn't all bad.

If you wouldn't leave your baby in the car...

The heat wave also brings a reminder about the care of your veggie share.  Most veggies like to be cold, and you'd be surprised how quickly those leafy greens can wilt if left only a few minutes on a sunny day in a hot car.  So, if you are running errands, after picking up your share, keep that in mind.  Best case is to bring a cooler along to store it in.  We'd just hate for your lettuce to turn to mush while you were getting your nails done.

Veggie of the week: Spinach

Spinach is a cool season crop.  We grow it all winter and we sow a spring crop of it as well.  The spring-sown spinach looks perfect and there is a lot of it, so get ready for that.  We also have a lot of overwintered spinach that has bigger leaves that we're calling "cooking spinach".  It tastes great too, but might have a little jagged leaves.  Of course the other spinach will cook fine too, but will have smaller leaves and come in smaller portions.  Due to the heat wave, the spinach might be about to bolt, so we may have the spinach season cut short soon.  Spinach is something we can't grow in summer so it is definitely a seasonal green anyway.


What if I missed my share? 

For all locations except the Brookside porch pickup, your share will end up back at the farm where you can pick it up whenever you'd like if you wish.  All shares left until Tuesday at noon are taken to local food pantries and shelters by one of our generous CSA member volunteers.  Here are instructions for where to find your share by pickup location:

Brookside: sorry, you are out of luck.  We don't have your share.

Friday self-serve: your share stays in the same shed-looking cooler near the house.  

Thursday Farm, Lee's Summit and Overland Park shares all go into the white trailer looking cooler next to the house.

You can help yourself to your share.  Just look for your label.  The farm address is: 26355 E Bundschu Rd, Independence, MO 64056.


Bread and Cheese

Bread: Farm to Market Rosemary Olive Oil Artisan loaf

Cheese: Hemme Brothers Brother's Keeper (extra sharp cheddar) block, 6 oz

Thanks for joining us in the farming adventure,

Dave and Sheri