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Last CSA of 2021!!!

Posted on December 11th, 2021 by Dave Redfearn

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year all in one!

Can you believe this will be the last CSA pickup of 2021?  Not of the winter CSA but of the calendar year!!!  So now is the time to stock up on your Christmas goodies.  We've got a lot of great stuff for your end of year feasts. 

This is your LAST CHANCE for ginger until next fall!  Come hell or high water, we've got to harvest all the ginger and turmeric and Italian peppers, so grab them this last time.  

And just because we donated over a TON of daikon radishes to KC area food pantries last week, we've got lots more for you as well.  The Redfearn family continues our daikon-a-day tradition but we need your help to eat through this nutritious inventory:).  

Fresh Christmas Wreaths

We asked on social media if anyone was interested in a hand-made Christmas wreath and the feedback was really receptive, so Elijah has been working on the all natural grape vine skeletons in preparation for adding the greenery and accoutrements once the orders are in.  If you know Elijah, you know he's always been especially gifted at crafts so this is just up his alley.  He's excited to make as many as he possibly can for your orders this week.  He's charging $30 each (low priced for a fresh wreath) since this is his first time doing "commercial" wreath production:).  They measure approximately 16-18" in diameter.  They're made entirely from natural resources.  They're compostable because the frame is hand-made from grape vines rather than a wire frame.  You will need to unwire a couple wires holding on the bow and pinecones before chucking it in the compost heap.  The photo is representative of his design this year.  If you want one of Elijah's creations, you'll need to add the wreath to your order in Harvie.  (I'm sorry but your "I want one!" on Instagram won't guarantee you get one.)  You'll need to purchase through Harvie.  Wreaths will be listed under "extras".  If you are able to snag one of these up before they're gone, he'll have it bagged and tagged with your name on it at your CSA delivery location this week (it won't fit in your box of course.)

Upcoming CSA Dates:

This December 16th delivery is the final delivery before the deep winter schedule.  We will be turning down the thermostat in the ginger greenhouse after the 16th, so we'll be harvesting all remaining ginger and turmeric (there is still a lot) on the 16th.  Some of you have been asking when to stock up for winter to freeze a bunch of ginger.  This week is your last opportunity.

Originally the plan was to take almost 10 weeks off from CSA deliveries before picking back up with weekly deliveries on March 3rd.  As much as we'd like an extended holiday from the grinding farm schedule, as we examine the condition of the high tunnel crops and think through their growth patters even in deep winter, we just don't think we can leave the crops alone for that long.  Thy'll need at least a few harvests to keep them in top condition for the big main winter CSA start up in March.  So here's the plan:  We're adding 3 weeks scattered through this deep winter break roughly 3 weeks apart: January 6, January 27, and February 17.  Based on feedback we received it sounds like you'd like some extra weeks to keep you in at least some fresh food during the deep winter.  The Harvie team is working on getting these weeks added to your schedule. If you had planned on taking that break off from veggies just like we had, and don't want veggies those weeks, you'll be free to skip them as usual in Harvie.  Since it won't be weekly pickups there's more of a chance for you to forget the pickup day since you'll be out of routine, so you will need to add some reminders and/or keep a close eye on your email for these CSA customization and delivery emails.  Nothing is set in stone right now, but just letting you know what we are thinking.

Bread and Cheese Shares

Bread: Farm to Market Grains Galore Sliced Loaf 

Cheese: Applewood Smoked Curds 

Thanks for making 2021 a great year for our farm family!

Dave and Sheri