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Veggie Penance for Thanksgiving Gluttony

Posted on November 27th, 2021 by Dave Redfearn

If you overindulged on turkey and pie, you aren't alone!  We hope you had a great Thanksgiving and we're here to help with a good roughage colon cleanse if you need it:).  

We've switched to mostly harvesting from tunnels now because we've now been down to 17 degrees the other night at the farm which took out most of the remaining outdoor greens, but have no fear, we've got tons of amazing greens and roots from our high tunnels.  In fact, the bounty is looking like it might overwhelm us, so we hope you are hungry before we take some time off for Christmas. 


We've got three more weekly CSA deliveries before our deep winter break.  Our original plan was to take a really long break for January and February, however we're rethinking that plan because we have so many amazing greens that we'll need to harvest (And we have sooooo many roots too!)  You see, many types of greens are planted once and then cut several times, sort of like mowing your grass.  If we leave them alone for two whole months (even in the deep dark cold slow growing months), they'll likely be too big.  So we are considering our options for adding at least a couple deep winter CSA weeks in January and February before we pick back up for weekly CSA deliveries the beginning of March.  How do you feel about that?  We'll certainly try to be crisp on communication to make sure you are aware of these one-off deliveries in Jan and Feb and you'll of course have the option to skip them (as always) but especially because this is more deliveries than you originally signed up for.  We'll be working with our site hosts and Harvie on our options for this.  More later, just want to plant the seed about some potential extra winter CSA weeks in January and February.

What's HOT?

Diakon radish of all colors, ginger, salad mix, baby kale, bok choy, baby stir fry greens, carrots, chard, lettuce heads.  We've got lots of other variety, but those are the items we are especially heavy on, so feel free to stock up and go crazy this week.  

Bread and Cheese 

Bread: Farm to Market 8- Grain Sliced Loaf

Cheese: Hemme Brothers Applewood Smoked, 6 oz block 

 As always and especially this season, we are thankful for you.

Your farmers,

Dave and Sheri