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Tomato Mania (Bulk Tomatoes Available While they Last!!!!)

Posted on August 7th, 2021 by Dave Redfearn

Now is the time, to stock up on tomatoes, ya'll.  Last year we were tight on tomatoes all year so we weren't able to offer bulk tomatoes, but we planted tons more than last year and although not unscathed by disease, the outdoor plants are covered with tomatoes that will need to be harvested this week and probably next week as well.  So, if you are wanting to can pasta sauce, make salsa, or freeze tomatoes for later, this is the time to do it!  

EZ tomato freezing idea!

No time to do it now?  Pop them in the freezer!  Did you know you can freeze whole tomatoes, skin on, for future cooking use (not fresh use).  Freeze them whole in gallon ziplock bags to make sauce or salsa later.  If you want to peel them (we usually use them skin and all) just drop the frozen tomatoes in a pot of warm water for a minute and the skins will pop right off, it's actually the best way to peel a tomato is to freeze it first.  

We'll have bulk boxes available for sale, so make sure to scroll down to the extras portion in Harvie to grab a box or two (or ten) of extra tomatoes.  We're estimating that this week will be the peak week for tomatoes with quite a few next week and then tapering back off to a more manageable amount, so this is the time to stock up. Sheri will be canning salsa this week, if we can find the time not harvesting them!!!!

Harvie Interface Changes

So you probably noticed some substantial changes to the share customization page last week.  Harvie has been doing some software upgrades that I hope will make for a better user experience.  We were able to take some of your feedback and get it incorporated this week, so prices will be visible for all the items again (not sure why it defaulted to no prices).  Also, when customizing, I find it's a good idea to hit the cart icon at the top right of the page, this will show you in a little clearer form, what's in your share and you can see any price changes due to unequal swaps or adding extras.  Please give that a try and see how you like the new format.  Let us know if you have suggestions or general feedback that we can take back to the software developers.

Winter CSA

So, the summer CSA does eventually come to an end (October 7, 8 and 9th are the final deliveries) but we do offer a winter CSA to keep you in healthy food the remainder of the year.  We're targeting opening up signups for the winter in early September when we get all the details worked out.  Speaking of details, would you be interested in being a site host for the winter?  Site hosting, requires having a place to put shares (preferably under a porch or garage out of the sun and then storing the empty plastic containers until we pick them up the next week.  We do give a steep discount for site hosts, so there is something in it for you besides helping out your neighbors.  Typically we'll have 20 to 40 shares a a site, so we are talking quite a few stacks of shares.  If you are interested in hosting, please add your info to the list here: Potential Winter CSA Site Host Interest Form.

Drop offs will be Thursday afternoon/evenings.  No one needs to be home as long as we and everyone else can get to the porch or designated location.  Filling out the above, requires no obligation whatsoever, it just allows us to start the conversation if you have some interest.  We're specifically looking for locations that will serve a large number of CSA members, which means we need good locations in Overland Park, Lee's Summit and Brookside area where the majority of our members live.  Based upon interest, and need, we'll reach out to those on the list to see if they might be a good fit.  

Bread and Cheese 

Bread: Farm to Market Rosemary Olive Oil

Cheese: Hemme Brothers Garlic Herb Curds, 10oz.

 Have a great tomatoey week!

Dave and Sheri