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Easter CSA

Posted on April 3rd, 2021 by Dave Redfearn

Hope you are having a great Easter weekend!  We're enjoying the beautiful weather!!!!  Yes, we've got CSA pickups this week.  The winter CSA final week will be April 22nd or 23rd.  So there are three more pickups including this one.  

The farm is all a buzz of activity as we transplant, transplant, transplant!  Tomatoes are being trellised and the first tomato flowers are forming for early spring tomatoes for the summer CSA.  The cold last week did a little more damage than we'd like on some of the outdoor plantings.  Even though we covered with frost blankets, we had to replace some chard, kale and broccoli plants that didn't make it.  Oh well, that's why we plant extra seedlings and why we plant the frost sensitive plants in the tunnels where we can take better care of them.  The good news is that the tens of thousands of onions and garlic are a little more hardy and all look gorgeous!

This week we're clearing out a lot of space in the tunnels so there's a copious amount of kale, celery, and chard!  We've done our crazy interplanting in the high tunnels where we have these big plants on the outside of each bed and the tomato and cucumber transplants in the middles.  We have to keep harvesting back the leaves and stalks of the kale chard and celery to give the tomatoes enough light to grow.  It's always crazy in the high tunnels this time of year.  Hardly anywhere to put your foot or your bum.  But they're bursting with life!  

We hardly have time to sit and think this time of year.  When we do get a second to catch our breath, especially when digging leeks or washing carrots, we like to think of you and how grateful we are that we have so many folks who are eating this great food and helping us do meaningful work.  Thanks for supporting our farm family!

This week's bread shares will be

Artisan: Sourdough

Sliced: Eight Grain

Happy Easter,

Dave and Sheri