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Can You Farm without Chemicals?

Posted on October 22nd, 2019 by Noah Sanders

I know that many of you care about the food you get from our farm because you desire food that is not only safe, but healthy! It is a quite the journey learning how to grow food using something different than the conventional chemical approach. It is not that it isn't possible, but the information is hard to find and is more of a craft than a science. In August I went to a training in Korean Natural Farming, which teaches an all natural soil fertility system using all farm-produced inputs. After applying what I learned over the last couple of months I can say that I am seeing amazing results! The indigenous micro organisms I am culturing and applying to the soil unlock the nutrients already there and raise the nutrition of the food you get! So cool! Grateful for all that we have been able to learn, and grateful for you support that has allowed us to continue this journey.