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The Pursuit of Quality

Posted on October 4th, 2021 by Noah Sanders

Dear friends! We will be making a delivery this Thursday, October 7th. You will have until Tuesday, October 5th at 11:59 to edit or skip your order this week.

Currently we are feeding around 180 chickens on our farm. Around 100 of them are laying hens and a few roosters and the rest are meat birds. In addition to the grass and bugs that they forage all our chickens require a supplement of grain to be able to have enough calories and protein to produce eggs and meat. The challenge for us is in finding high quality feed at an affordable price. Currently almost all the corn and soybeans grown in the US (over 90%) are genetically modified to be resistant to spray by glyphosate (Roundup). We do not want to feed this type of grain to our chickens. But finding non-gmo feed is challenging. In the past we worked with a local feed mill to source and mix a high quality non-gmo feed. But over the years they were unable to source non-gmo grain to continue making the feed. So we swapped to bagged, non-gmo feed made in north Alabama. Then for a short time last year we purchased a quality non-gmo feed from a company in Georgia until the supplier wasn't able to ship it in. Now we are back to the non-gmo feed made in Alabama.