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Lettuce Be Joyful

Posted on May 29th, 2024 by Farm Manager
The warm days and cool nights have been ideal for greens and we have an abundance of beautiful crops right now, like spinach, lettuce mix, arugula, and kale. Though they're usually celebrated as sides, why not try these greens into a fun breakfast dishes like this chickpea, spinach and chorizo frittata or this breakfast salad (yes, we're serious! Jammy eggs, tangy feta, crisp lettuce = delish!).
This time of year is when these green leafy beauties are at their best, so be sure to stock up while you have a chance. We also carry a variety of local add-ons (like eggs and feta), so don't forget to scroll all the way down while you're customizing - it could save you a trip to the grocery store!
We're so grateful for our amazing hard working crew - between harvesting, washing, and packing over 300+ lbs of fresh greens, 15 crates of asparagus, 10 crates of cucumbers, and over 300 lbs of rhubarb, the field crew also took full advantage of the break from last week's heat to flame weed the carrots, mulch the perennial rhubarb and asparagus patches, trellis cucumber and tomato vines, and seed a whole variety of lettuces and herb sucessions in the greenhouse. We were also able to get thousands of baby plants in the ground this week- this group rocks!