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Root 5 Farm is a certified organic vegetable farm located on 38 acres in Fairlee, Vermont, along the Connecticut River. The fertile river bottom soils provide a rich environment for growing over 100 different varieties of vegetables and herbs.

The farm has been certified organic by Vermont Organic Farmers (VOF) since 2006. We are dedicated to growing practices that use a holistic approach to soil fertility, pest control and plant and animal health. We build our soil through crop rotation and cover cropping. We're committed to a healthy workplace, environment, and community, and our products are infused with that attention. You’ll taste the difference!

Power of Community

Posted on November 17th 2020 by Danielle Allen

  Let's celebrate the power of community, even if we can't be together right now. What we know is that we're all connected, and we will find our way forward through relationships and mutual support. Your choice to purchase a season's share of vegetables from Root 5 Farm radiates out into your community in so many ways. Your commitment... read more »

Arugula, 1/2 lb bag *OG
Herbs, Basil
Beets *OG
Baby Bok Choy *OG
Broccoli *OG
Cabbage, Green *OG
Melon *OG
Carrots *OG
Cauliflower *OG
Herbs, Chives *OG
Herbs, Cilantro *OG
Collard Greens *OG
Cucumbers *OG
Herbs, Dill *OG
Eggplant, Italian *OG
Green Beans *OG
Escarole *OG
Peppers, Sweet *OG
Broccoli Raab *OG
Brussels Sprouts *OG
Chard *OG (Honey Field Farm)
Fennel *OG
Garlic *OG
Lettuce, Bibb *OG
Kale *OG
Kohlrabi *OG
Scallions *OG
Pea Shoots *OG
Radishes, Red *OG
Spinach, 1/2 lb bag *OG
Peas, Sugar Snap *OG
Turnips, Purple Top *OG
Tomatoes, Cherry *OG
Tomatoes, Red *OG
Peppers, Hot *OG
Onion, Yellow *OG
Herbs, Parsley (Flat) *OG
Potatoes, Gold (Mink Meadow Farm)
Zucchini/ Yellow Squash *OG
Sunflower Sprouts *OG
Tomatillos *OG
Watermelon *OG
Husk Cherries *OG
Leek *OG
Radicchio *OG
Garlic Scapes *OG
Lettuce Mix, 1/2 lb bag *OG
Rhubarb *OG
Shallot *OG
Sweet Potato *OG
Beet Greens *OG
Herbs, Mint *OG
Herbs, Oregano *OG
Herbs, Sage *OG
Herbs, Thyme *OG
Peas, Snow *OG
Herbs, Rosemary *OG
Endive *OG
Asparagus *OG
Herbs, Sorrel *OG
Tomatoes, Green *OG
Cabbage, Napa *OG
Mustard Greens *OG
Radishes, Daikon *OG
Ginger *OG
Squash, Spaghetti *OG
Turnips, Salad *OG
Turmeric *OG
Squash, Butternut *OG
Broccolini *OG
Powerkraut, Kimchi 22 oz *OG
Powerkraut, Original Sauerkraut 22 oz *OG
Tomatoes, Paste *OG
Potatoes, Purple (Mink Meadow Farm)
Potatoes, Red (Mink Meadow Farm)
Squash, Delicata *OG
Squash, Honeynut *OG
Squash, Red Kuri *OG
Micro Greens, Radish Sprouts *OG
Powerkraut, Turmeric Kraut 22 oz *OG
Peppers, Green (Carmen) *OG
Herbs, Parsley (Curly) *OG
Beets, Bunched *OG
Cucumbers, Picklers *OG
Onion, Red *OG
Onion, Fresh *OG
Powerkraut, Caraway Kraut 22 oz *OG
Mushrooms, Oyster (1/2 lb)
Mushroom, Shiitake (1/2 lb)
Rosemary Sea Salt (Root 5 Farm)
**NEW** Powerkraut, Lemon Rosemary 22 oz
Fire Cider (og cider vinegar, raw honey, *turmeric, *ginger, *onion, *garlic, *cayenne, *black pepper) *=root5farm organic
Honey! (from bees raised by Troy Hall at Root 5 Farm)
Tomatillo Salsa
Root 5 Chili Sauce- Tangy Mild Spicy Ferment
Black Beans!