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Summer is Almost Here!

Posted on June 5th, 2024 by Farm Manager

Beautiful heads of lettuce, big bunches of curly kale, and aromatic fresh herbs are in the spotlight this week.

Want to enjoy the benefits of kale's antioxidants, but don't always like it raw? Bon Appétit has an excellent article on making the lightest and crispiest kale chips. Kale is also packed with vitamin C, so if you have a juicer, variations of this sparkling kale lemonade will quickly become a summertime favorite!

Our heat-loving plants (peppers, cucumbers, and tomatoes) seemed to grow inches taller over night. We are grateful for the days with cloud cover, however, when the little transplants can gently acclimate to their new homes in the fields. 

It takes a few weeks for plant roots to establish, and during this time period we need about 1 inch of water on the fields per week. It's a lot easier when water falls from the sky, but over the years we've had such erratic spring weather that we decided to invest in our irrigation system. So, while it takes a lot of extra work to set up and move irrigation pipe several times a week, we do feel prepared for hot, dry weather like the past few weeks and the plants are getting the water they need.