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Plant, Water, Prune, Weed, Harvest, Repeat!

Posted on May 22nd, 2024 by Farm Manager

Last week was suddenly hot, hot, hot, so we've been doing our best to stay hydrated and take extra care of our newly planted seedlings- irrigating in the fields (our carrot crop just starting to germinate in the photo above) and draping shade cloths over the tops of our greenhouses to alleviate stress on the plants from the quick jump in temperatures. Tomatoes and cucumbers are summer crops that typically love the heat, but because the plants are still young and their root systems are not yet fully established, the intense heat early on causes stress so they drop flowers and don't form fruit.

The heat has also brought on lush growth here at the farm, which is cause for so much gratitude and joy! To the sun, we are thankful for the warmth and light that feeds the plants. To the river, we are thankful for the water that nourishes the roots in this dry time. To the humans on our crew, we are thankful for the hard work and good cheer that make this dance of farming function and thrive. And to you, our CSA members, for making all of this possible!