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Asparagus is Here

Posted on May 15th, 2024 by Farm Manager

Asparagus has officially arrived and only lasts about 5 weeks, so now is the time to enjoy this unique spring vegetable while it's in season. We love to grill or broil the spears whole - simply drizzle a little olive oil, a sprinkle of our lemon ginger sea salt and serve immediately. We also love this asparagus and arugula risotto recipe that one of our members recommended, and often use this compilation of asparagus recipes from the New York Times for fun meal inspiration!

It seems our whole world suddenly turned ten thousand shades of green overnight. Our cover crops are especially vibrant right now. In the fields that grew vegetables last year, we've planted red clover and timothy, or rye and vetch, or oats and peas this year. These plants help us build organic matter and fix nitrogen in the soil. We won't plant a vegetable crop in these areas this season, we're building the soil for more green in the future. 

Cheers to another beautiful week!