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Fruit Season Is Ramping Up!

Posted on May 13th, 2024 by Conrad Cable

Kaden and I are really excited about this week, because on Wednesday we will be making our first trip of the season to pick fruit at Dennis' Orchard in Oak Grove! Over the next few weeks, we will have some AMAZING fruit options for the farm shares! This week, we will be offering "Pluots" which are a cross of plums and apricots! Next week, look for more plum varieties as well as one of our favorite fruits, the "Sweet Treat"! 


What's Fresh This Week?

-Crimson Lady Peaches (Thompson's Peaches)

-Pluots (Dennis' Orchard)

-Red Napa Cabbage

-Salad & Shoots

-Frisee + Baby Radicchio Mix

-Colorful Carrots

-Cherry tomatoes (Last week until ours begin producing)

-Braising Mix (Lots of purple and red this week!)

-Rainbow Chard


Limited Harvest

-Patty Pan Squash

-Greenie Beanies

-Lettuce Mix

-Baby Beets

-Oyster Mushrooms (Moonlight Harvest)


Farm Update

We really missed picking fruit at Dennis' Orchard last year, but this year he has a bumper crop of so many amazing fruits! He has varieties you won't find anywhere else, so we are excited about sharing new fruits with you! The way the cookie is crumbling we will be picking on Wednesdays, so I might be sending inventory update emails on Wednesdays before the customization window closes. Right now, we are looking at sourcing white peaches, Saturn peaches, Santa Rosa plums, shiro plums, sweet treats, nectarines, pluots, and Anna apples from Dennis based on his expected harvest. 

Here's a little more information about the pluots. I've never tried this fruit before, so I'm really looking forward to picking on Wednesday morning and making some jam as soon as possible! 

"There's a pleasing sweetness to a pluot that mostly mimics a plum. Dark pinkish pluots have more of a deep sugariness, and the lighter, more yellowish-red fruits mimic golden plums. Unlike a plum the skin isn't bitter; it's more like an apricot in this way. Apricot also shines through in the texture, and you may find most pluots have a thicker, more rounded flesh than a plain plum."