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Officially Fall

Posted on September 26th, 2022 by Conrad Cable

Look for recipe cards in your farm shares this week! 

Chef Katy Aker's Farm Share Recipe 



Soy Pickled Radishes 

2 cups soy sauce 
2 cup white vinegar
2 cup water 
1 cup white sugar
Dried Chilli *optional
In a large pot, add all of the liquid ingredients together and stir. Set stove to medium/high heat. 
Chop veggies to desired sizes, heat up sauce mixture,
(Not boiling)
add sauce mixture to veggies in an airtight container.
Let cool completely before refrigerating 
Let sit for at least 12 hours before adding to soups, salads, or butter boards.
Daikon radishes are one of the tastiest radishes to pickle
Farm Update
So, the BCS dealer called me on Friday to let me know that our shipment has been delayed. Kaden and I will journey on Wednesday to Waco to pick up the impliments. Folk's picking up at Medina Market will be moved to Thursday, or we can make other arrangements. We will be in touch. I'm excited y'all! We have been hustling all day so we can go straight to work on Thursday after we finish harvesting. If you were looking forward to seeing some photos of our new tools, I promise we will have a lot included in next week's farm happening. I need to get back out to the farm and finish transplanting lettuce, so I will keep the happening short this week. Thank you all so much for supporting the farm, and I hope you cook something delicious this week!