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Sweet Greens

Posted on September 12th, 2022 by Conrad Cable

This Week

Shout out Delia for tagging us in a beautiful salad! We love seeing what y'all make, so make sure to tag Current Farms if you share what you cook with your friends and family!

The cooler weather has us harvesting more leafy greens every week. This week we will add braising greens mix, plus there's lots of arugula and salad mix. The mix this week will be arugula, Tokyo bekana, frilly mustard, tatsoi, and the shoots. Hopefully, we will plant lettuce at the end of this week and be back in business soon with the full line of salad mixes. 

Next Week

Alex might have both pumpkins and watermelons next week! These are winter squash, so they are great for eating and are similar to sweet potatoes. I was off on the day to harvest with radishes, and this planting is the watermelon radishes, which have the longest day to maturity of all the radish varieties we grow. I'm checking them multiple times per week and I can't wait until they are back! I love butter braised radishes!! Black trumpet mushrooms are popping up, and I'm going to look for some, and also reach out to Todd Magio about getting a few cases. Those are my favorite mushrooms, and I know y'all like them too! I made a new connection to a mushroom grower in Alexandria, and we might start putting mushrooms in farm shares. There are several varieties, and I think we will start with chestnuts (my favorite cultivated mushroom) and oysters.



Farm Update

Chef Katy is under the weather, so we will not have a recipe section this week. I'm in the process of cataloging Katy's recipes on our website, so you can access them more easily over time, opposed to looking back through past farm happenings. I'm having some Current Farm fridge magnets made! They will have a QR code you can scan that will take you to a link tree page, where there will be a recipes tab. 

I'm starting the process with Harvie to set up the new farm share season for the Fall! Now that we are mostly moved into our house, it's time to really work hard these next few weeks on the farm. Because of the germination issues and missed planting dates due to the hot weather, I feel like we are behind from other years. I'm hoping that we will have some good weather this Fall, and we can find ourselves in a good position heading into the cold season. 

I've been obsessed with keeping an eye on persimmons! After pears are finished, we will not have any fruit until persimmon season. I was fishing in our backyard pond and noticed two large American persimmon trees on the bank. These are much smaller than the Japanese 'simmon (pictured below) and are slightly larger than a 50-cent piece. They remind me of small, green plums.  It wasn't until later in life that I discovered the divinity of an overripe persimmon. When you can eat the inside with a spoon, it's like eating Autumn. I wish I knew the science behind how they develop those cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice flavors. It's in the running for my favorite fruit. I can't wait to share some with you!