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Sweet, Savory, and Spicy: The Tastes of Louisiana Summer

Posted on August 8th, 2022 by Conrad Cable

This Week

We have an awesome summer share for you this week that is filled with the spicy, sweet, and savory flavors of Louisiana summer. This week, we added a few Bartlett pears, aka canning pears. These are great for cooking and baking. I think they are also really good when peeled and sliced. Serve cold and it's a great summer snack. If you have extra time, the two lb serving is enough to make a batch of jam! We peel, puree, and cook on the stove-top for 25 minutes on medium-low. I love adding honey instead of sugar, but you can add as much or little as you like-the pear jam always has a great consistency. Below is a photo from 2016, when we harvested pears for the first time. At the time we were just growing food for ourselves, and we had not even sold at our first farmers market. If I remember right, I think Kaden turned 80% of them into wine, well maybe that's why I don't remember! 



Mid-summer collard greens. 

Next week

We will have more pears, peaches, microgreens, and all of the legumes. We will hopefully have more squash and tomatoes. I'm really excited about the newsletter for next week! It's my pleasure to introduce Chef Katy Aker, (of Butter, A Louisiana Bakery) who will take over an all-new recipe section of our weekly farm happening! We are stoked about this collaboration. We know that recipe inspiration is important to you, and we want for you to be excited to get in your home kitchen and prepare delicious meals for your family.

Our friend, John, is attending graduate school at Syracuse this Fall, and I made these black trumpet mushroom deviled eggs this weekend. I added our microgreens, jalapenos, and the Fort Sumner hot sauce to some Stowe Creek eggs and they were a huge hit! 




I apologize for last week's short customization window. We have an old pick up location from last season that is causing some issues. I have reached out to Harvie about what we can do to resolve this problem. I appreciate all of you who touched base to let me know about your vegetable choices! I really hope all of you enjoyed the first week, and if this week is your first week, then bon Appetit! 

We still have a busy day ahead of us before the rain moves in for a few days. Its be best opportunity to plant in many weeks! Kaden moved into his new house this weekend, and next week I can't wait to show y'all a photo him standing at his front door!

I hope you have a great week and thanks for supporting our farm!