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CSA Week 7

Posted on May 28th, 2021 by Conrad Cable

Good afternoon everyone!


It sure feels like summer! The farm is bustling this time of year. Having greens, roots, squash, and lots of fresh herbs growing at the same time makes me so happy. The smell of tomato plants, the prickliness of zucchini, and the warming days are nostalgic and take me back to the first years I grew a garden.


With the increasing heat, we have had to adapt some of our operations. Our greens are under shade cloth, plus we have to water every day. Adjusting harvests is essential to maintaining quality. We now harvest veggies every morning. By 11 AM it is too hot, and the greens begin to wilt. After lunch, we have had time to install some new caterpillar tunnels for season extension. We can now comfortably get an early start on fall crops, and grow through the winter!


This week, I am out of town, so Kaden will be the only one harvesting veggies. To make things flow more easily, there will not be as much vegetable variety as normal. Everyone will be happy that broccoli will be available for every share this week! We don’t grow many crops like squash and broccoli, because they are big investments in time and space. I began these broccolis in the heated greenhouse in late February, and transplanted them at the end of March. It’s been a long journey, so I’m just as excited about harvesting them as you are about eating them! As we build more rows going into the fall, we will grow more diverse crops like cauliflower, cabbage, and radicchio.


Unfortunately, the salad mix is one of the most time consuming harvests, consisting of many leafy veggies. We will not offer the salad mix this week, but there will be the lettuce mix.


Remember to check the add ons! I’m stoked about peach season! Fresh peaches from Thompson’s Peaches in Ruston are a market favorite, so I grabbed a case for the add ons this week.


Concerning pick ups, Fiesta folks please remember that Tuesday is the ONLY pick up day. Home delivery folks, please remember to set out your ice chests, especially if you get a meat add on.


Thank you all for supporting our farm! We love growing food for you.




Conrad Cable