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Picture-Perfect Veggies vs. Nutrient Dense Veggies

Posted on May 25th, 2020 by Noah Sanders

As the heat of summer approaches the garden comes to life as plants begin taking advantage of the rising temperature and longer days. But with the season also comes some many different bugs and pests that would like to eat your beautiful veggies: flea beetles, vegetable weevils, cabbage worms, horn worms, and more! As we have talked with many of you we realize that nutrition and health is one of your major motivations in buying local food. Therefore our goal is to grow as nutrient dense food as possible. By focusing on the soil we aim to grow healthy plants that will, in turn, build health in the people that eat it. But the struggle with pests and diseases still exists, although many of the natural approaches we utilize like biodiversity, herbs, companion planting, encouraging local wildlife, row cover, etc. seem to help. But we put most of our energies toward increasing the nutrient density of feed and don't regularly spray even organic bug killers just to obtain picture perfect veggies. The only time we would use a certified organic bug spray is when we risk losing a crop to a particular pest. When you see a hole or any other imperfection in your veggies know that we are doing our best to get you good tasting, nutritious veggies, but they may have an occasional blemish due to our standards in our production methods. Thanks for appreciating what we produce. Love you all, Farmer Noah