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It's Rainbow Time!

Posted on August 4th, 2020 by Danielle Allen

Rainbow time is a special micro-season at the farm. It only lasts a few weeks while we're busy harvesting the full spectrum of colorful vegetables and then we look up and the fields are graced with full sky double arching rainbows day after day. Rainbows are one of the most beautiful sights nature has to offer, and we're filled with hope and awe to witness this ephemeral phenomenon. This week we're loading your shares with BIG basil bunches. We're anticipating the arrival of downy mildew, which inevitably wipes out the basil much too soon, so it's time to make pesto! We're also offering 15 lb boxes of canning tomatoes so you can save some of this rainbow for the colder, darker times ahead. Stock up by adding extras!