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Farm Happenings for November 4, 2019

Posted on November 2nd, 2019 by Tim Vrieselaar

It has been a fairly calm and back to normal week here on the farm.  Our baby is settling in fairly well and getting loved and cuddled by everyone!  The weather has been mild enough to start some cleanup projects to get ready for winter.

With the winter word - do not forget to leave your coolers out for your veggies if you are not home.  We do not want to leave vegetables out to freeze!!

Also remember that you do have the swap option when you are placing your order.  This will give you a few other things that you can add or switch out of your box.  It is not the most exciting time of the growing season - but we do our best to get you some variety.  This week sees some more squash coming from our friends that live a little farther south and have a bit more heat in the summer than us.  It is only a half hour south but it still seems to make a difference.  They are bringing us butternut and red curry squash and both are delicious options when it comes to squash.

Sorry no pictures this week ...enjoy the last bit of nice weather - I am sure the snow will be flying again before too long!