Farm Happenings at Noble Gardens
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Farm Happenings at Noble Gardens

Farm Happenings for December 3, 2018

Posted on November 30th, 2018
Hello!  It's December and that means that our Fall CSA is on a wind down.  We are trying our best to give you a good assortment each week.  And now we are throwing in something special that's been waiting for your..RASPBERRIES.  If you think the BC blueberries are wi1 read more »

Farm Happenings for November 26, 2018

Posted on November 23rd, 2018
It's been awhile since you have heard from us.  Sorry.  Things have still been busy here.  Whoever said winters weren't busy on the farm....never lived on the farm.  There is always something that is calling for our attention.   We've been finishing up field cleanup an1 read more »

For the week ofNovember 19, 2018

Posted on November 17th, 2018
Hello, Sorry about the late email! We will give you until 8 pm tonight to edit your orders. read more »

November 12, 2018 - Look for the white pickup again in Calgary.

Posted on November 9th, 2018
Hello! We have been confusing you with different delivery vehicles each week. :) But this week our van is busy and the weather is summery... so it will be the pickup again. read more »

You may need to use the SWAP feature more for the fall share. (But sorry for the short time frame this week)

Posted on November 2nd, 2018
Hello again! Week 2 of the fall share... And some of you missed out on the fruit you were expecting. We will encourage you to use the Swap Items link in your email to include fruit if the system has not included fruit automatically. With the long list of items we have, the Harvie software could hav1 read more »