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Definitely will NEED A COOLER if you are not home to receive your veggies!

Posted on October 25th, 2019 by Tim Vrieselaar

It's been a windy, stress filled day on the farm.  Time was of the essence as we knew there was a storm coming.  We wanted to get as many carrots out as possible.  The soil was still quite wet and sticky - but with determination we were able to get digging.  

Digging carrots in 120km gusts is a less than pleasant job - but looking up and seeing a greenhouse coming apart on you.....

Right after noon today - the wind really picked up and it was enough to tear the plastic on the greenhouse.  The crew quickly came back to the yard - only one goal - - cut the plastic off before it twists the frame.  Plastic can be replaced next year - but a twisted frame - - that's alot more pricey!!!

greenhouse lossgreenhouse loss 2

They cut the side walls off and then cut all the way along 200' of plastic and let it go.  It all slid down the side - safely out of the wind...and headed for the recycling:(

They spent an hour getting that one cleaned up and safe - headed back to the carrots - and had to come back an hour later to cut the last greenhouse down. The last one to go - was the most heavily used in the spring - holding all our small plants until they went to the field.  This one took a beating on the frame unfortunately - the back wall buckled in and will need some major repairs before we can cover it again.

It's been a long day- and plenty of disappointments - we did not get as much carrots out as we had hoped - and we now do not have any greenhouses for next spring!  We will have to do some repairs....and all those problems will be looked at once the wind stops.  

And also - once the wind stops - we will be collecting bins from far and wide!! The wind dumped stacks of bins and they spun and flipped all over the yard!  I do not know if we have ever had this strong of wind here before - it was pretty brutal!

Hopefully you have all fared better than us!! We will pick up the pieces and get into repair planning....after the next snow storm;)