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Farm Happenings for July 26, 2021

Posted on July 19th, 2021 by Tim Vrieselaar

It's already Monday again!!  These summer weeks are just flying by.  But look at me go!! My order for is ready on time this week.

Hope you are all staying safe with all this smoke.  Usually this time of year we enjoy sitting around the fire to relax...but this year we know that is simply not possible.  It is so very dry out there.  We hope and pray that soon the rains may come and give us and the crops a break from the heat.

Hopefully you all enjoy the delicious BC Blueberries that are in the shares this week.  The great news is that they are bringing a second truck out this year...and so we get to enjoy the delicious blueberries for 2 weeks!  For those not familiar with our farm....the blueberries come from Tims' Uncles farm in BC.  It is located near his parents place....and so when the blueberries arrive it feels like a little bit of home has arrived as well.  

This week we finally made a serious start to our coolers.  The old coolers have lived their life and are in big need of repairs...and so we have started a new one.  It was planned to build with lumber....but once we got started we found out that welding steel beams on would be the only option to attach the roof to the seacans.  Thankfully Aaron enjoys his welding and knows the trade well....we look forward to watching this project come together.

The first of the beans are in the shares...more to follow as the heat makes them ripen in a hurry.  Do not be surprised if we have lots of beans in one batch instead of spread over the suggestion....freeze them for the winter.

Hopefully the first broccoli will be ready for next week.  It is another crop that we are holding our breath on with the heat....but so far it seems to be doing ok.

The heat is giving pretty much every crop a run for it's money this year....but so far we are holding in and thankful for what is available.  The cooler weather over the weekend was a welcome break and I am sure the plants enjoyed it too.

Wishing you all a great week!