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Winter Has Arrived!

Posted on September 28th, 2019 by Tim Vrieselaar

That was a very fast switch from summer to winter this week!  It's only right around freezing but the snow is starting to pile up and it honestly looks like we will be looking into the winter boots bin by the time school comes around on Monday.  

We were watching the fore cast and we have worked very hard this week to get some sensitive crops harvested.  The second crop of corn was basically ready and so we raced through it during a rain storm and quickly harvested all the main cobs.  We will watch as we deliver them to make sure that you get good cobs - but it's definitely a last treat of the summer for you to enjoy.

We also spent as much time as we could harvesting carrots, potatoes and onions to get us through another week.  Hopefully by then the ground will be dry enough to get back to digging again.  We also spent an afternoon harvesting all the squash - my garage is pretty full right now - but there is no way it would have survived in the field in this weather!  We are happy to see it safe indoors!'s been a very busy week!  Between all the regular harvest items - all the extra stuff has kept us on our toes this week.  It's a good thing we had lots of kids around that were willing to help with the extra projects...

Only a few weeks left of the summer season - and with this snow we will be switching to the fall crops in a quick hurry. 

Stay warm and safe and be careful on the roads!! Those first winter roads take some adjusting to!