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The Snow is Slowly Melting

Posted on October 6th, 2019 by Tim Vrieselaar

Winter came with a blast and dropped lots of snow here on the farm.  This time I can honestly say we got more than Calgary.  An actual total I don't know because the wind made for some big drifts....that are taking a long time to melt.  The kids even enjoyed their first snow day of the year on Monday!!  It was spend digging tunnels in the snow.....

snow tunnels

stuck in a drift

Some crops are over and done for - and that is to be expected.  But thankfully there are still crops that survived the -15 that we had!  It is sort of dry enough to get back in the field - but we have no time to wait and so it's a frantic race to get the last of the crops off before the snow in next weeks' fore cast.  The last few days have been spent digging potatoes, harvesting cabbage and digging brussels sprouts.  The sight of good veggies that survived the cold are at least as exciting as seeing the first crops of the season come in.  We are thankful for the chance to get the last crops in and not have them spoil in the field all winter!  

red potatoescabbagepotatoesThe cabbage is a little uncertain as to it's actual condition right now has seen frost - but we do not know right now if it has actually damaged the cabbage or not.  We can see frost ring on the stalk - but whether the fruit is actually affected we won't know till later.  It was harvested from out of the drifts!!! - This is only the green cabbage - the purples are fine.

It's not very often that we dig potatoes with snow on the ground between the rows - and the carrots still have drifts in their rows that we hope will melt over the weekend!!  And with temperatures only a few degrees above's a chilly job!

snow digging

another loadWith the mud...only a tractor with pallets in the front to load up - nothing else will get very far in the field without getting stuck in the mud!

There is only 1 week left in this summer season.  And yes, summer is really over for the year!! The winter season (with home delivery) is coming up soon and we are getting our friends at Harvie to finish up the website for the delivery service.  Simply put - - it is cheaper for Tim to spend 2 days driving to your homes in Calgary - than to spend all the hours at all 5 different locations each week!!  The Hillhurst location will remain open. But all the rest will be done via home delivery.  And on that note - delivery is only offered within Calgary city limits - sorry if you are just outside of town - - maybe next summer!   Lethbridge will remain the same time and place - no changes there at the moment.

Thankfully Chantal is picking up her strength again and we are happy to have her back at work.  It was a pretty busy few weeks and we sure missed her!  

We are hoping for a few more days of nice weather to get the last things in and then the garden will be all done again for another year!!! A happy and a sad time all together.  But as they say - all good things must come to an end!