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First Frost

Posted on September 10th, 2020 by Tim Vrieselaar

We had our first frost...but it was actually not too bad.  Some of the expected crops are done..zucchini, beans and peas. But there is still plenty of root crops in the ground that are fine and now growing again in the beautiful fall weather.  

We are definitely slowing down for the year.  Things that are done growing are getting cleaned up... and our new crop of green manure is doing fantastic.  It will keep the snow on the gardens this winter for better spring moisture and it also works great to choke out weeds and rebuild the soil. 

The kids are settling back into the school routine and my house is fairly quiet on the kindergarten days when only Jesse and Abigail are home.  Abigail is a few days shy of 11 months and just learned to walk.  It's just as special for us to watch our 10th baby grow up as it was with the first.  Those milestones just remind us how fast time flies!!

As our gardens slow down for winter we are very thankful for all our other supporters that are continuing to supply produce!  Their great products help us streamline our garden work but still provide you with delicious local produce grown with love (for the crop, the customer and the land).  Their support will allow us to provide fresn veggie baskets until Christmas!  HAVE YOU SIGNED UP FOR THE FALL SHARE YET?? Same home delivery options in Calgary ...and lots of great food to look forward to gracing you Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner tables.  Please visit the website to register for the fall shares if you have not done so

We do our best to pack your orders without mistakes...but we are humans!! Last week the packaging crew wanted cookies on a chilly I challenged them. - - no mistakes on the orders this week!!! The picture shows them reaping the rewards of their great work (and eating some massive chocolate chip cookies :)

Hope you are all getting the most of outdoor time before the snow flies....fresh air and sunshine are among the best ways to stay healthy (and eating fresh, healthy vegetables, of course)!!

Greetings from your farm family!