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Posted on September 3rd, 2020 by Tim Vrieselaar

September has arrived and the kids are back in school.  This means we have less staff and want to work harder on the weekends when we have everyone home. Therefore we are changing the order deadline to SATURDAYS @ 8 PM!!  This will allow us to have final totals in and most of the early packaging done before the Monday and Tuesday rush of assembling orders.  

The gardens are still growing...and so far we have not had any frost!! That is sure a change from last year....but we are enjoying every sunny day and harvesting as much as is available....soon it will all be over as we head into fall. 

Hopefully you are all enjoying the veggies and fruits each week.. The baskets are very full at this time of the year!  PLEASE REMEMBER YOUR COOLERS FOR HOME DELIVERY.  With orders this big...we really need a safe place to put the produce so that it does not go rolling around on your front step.