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Spring Share: Week 3

Posted on May 18th, 2019 by Lauren and Craig Kreutzer

Each week of harvest brings something new. Purple kohlrabi! And salad turnips! If you are new to the CSA, you are in for a treat. Salad turnips (also called hakurei turnips) are a delicate, Japanese variety of turnips. Similar to radishes - but without the heat, they are crisp, creamy, and nutty in flavor. They are amazing raw, but are also tasty sauteed in butter or roasted. (If you saute them, add the greens at the end!) Bunched roots, like radishes, turnips, and beets, should be separated from their greens. If you leave the greens on, they will pull the moisture out of the roots, making them soft. Store the roots and greens in separate produce bags in the refrigerator. 

Thanks to the members who came out for our first farm event of the season. We enjoyed a lovely meal and a beautiful field walk. We'll be sending out more information about our Strawberry Shortcake Social that is coming up on June 22nd! 

Enjoy your weekend! We're praying for gentle rains with the coming storms.

Your Farmers,
Craig & Lauren