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Fall Share: Week 4

Posted on December 2nd, 2021 by Lauren and Craig Kreutzer

This is the last fall share for 2021. Stay tuned for information about our winter share - with delivery scheduled for December 22nd and January 12th.

This Week's Highlights: I'd say celebrating Craig's birthday, Thanksgiving, and Leo's first birthday were our highlights for the last couple of weeks. We are thankful for the time spent with our family - and plenty of good food. (Especially the citrus beet salad from our thanksgiving meal.)

What We're Cooking: We are loving the root veggies. The Gilfeather turnip is a new crop for us this year. It is a turnip-rutubaga hybrid, and a part of Slow Food's Ark of Taste. White rather than yellow inside, it is sweet and creamy, not having the bite of a normal turnip. You can enjoy them peeled, boiled and then mashed or cut the peeled roots into chunks, brushing them with a little olive oil and roasting them at about 400 degrees so the sugars caramelize as the roots soften. Boiled or roasted, the flavor is like a more delicate, sweeter rutabaga. Serve them warm as a side dish, alone or mixed with other roasted roots, or add room-temperature pieces to winter salads of kale or spinach.

From Our Farm Partners: We are excited to be offering organic cranberries from SunDance Cranberries in Necedah. They are available is pints and 3-pound bulk bags. 

A limited amount of red and blue potatoes are available from Driftless Organics.

The certified organic apples from Two Onion Farm for our apple share members are a mix of Galarina and Goldrush. The Goldrush are dense and crisp - with a tart flavor that is sweetening in storage. You had these in the first fall apple share, and it is amazing how the flavor profile has changed. The Galarina are similar to a Gala - great for fresh eating.

Veggie Forecast: This is the last fall share. We will be sending out information about our winter share - 2 deliveries scheduled for December 22nd and January 12th.

Thank you for joining us for a bountiful fall! Have a beautiful December.

Your farmers,
Craig, Lauren, and the Meadowlark family and crew