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Farm Happenings for November 10, 2020

Posted on November 9th, 2020 by Emily Tzeng

We emerge from the longest week ever (?) with super frosty mornings before the rains return! Not too much going on the farm this week, just our regular harvesting and chores. New this week are Romanesco Cauliflower (cook like cauliflower, this week's image) and sweet potatoes! The cold weather really brings an end to lettuce season so our salad mix has turned into our Chicory Mix. Chicory mix is great for salad (soak in cold water before drying to remove even more of the bitterness) and also great for cooking! The cold weather has finally knocked out our peppers, so this is the last week for sweet peppers. We have some dried pepper products in the works!

I am lucky this week to join in on two farmer conferences and look forward to this time of year to learn from other farmers all over the country and bring back some of this knowledge to our own farm.

Just a note that NEXT week is our last week! If you are an every other week member, THIS might be your last week! 

Thanks for joining us for 27 weeks of local food! We are extremely fortunate to do what we do. Thanks to crew members Krista and Katherine for keeping the farm running this season. Thanks to our partner farms- Sweet Alyssum Farm for flowers, Bright Ice Acres for eggs, and Sandel Strap bakery for bread! Thanks to my husband/partner in life for supporting this first generation farming dream of mine and being willing to do stuff like cover the radicchio with frost cloth in the dark so I can sleep a little better at night. Many thanks to this little bit of the Puyallup People's land that we are able to steward for as long as we are here. 

We are already putting together 2021 CSA info and look for CSA renewal info soon.