Farm Happenings at Hoot Owl Farm
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Farm Happenings at Hoot Owl Farm

CSA Week #16 - Customize

Posted on August 31st, 2022
Now we know that some of you have been lugging some pretty heavy shares these last few weeks, but we don't know if we've seen any more impressive picker uppers than these gals. They're often grabbing two shares, sometimes even three, always with big smiles and lots of muscles!! Thanks for letting us... read more »

CSA Week #16 - Pick Up

Posted on August 26th, 2022
Making gladiolus and dahlia bunches is a nice end to the day on Wednesdays! Our glads are starting to slow down as most of them have bloomed (they are a one cut type of flower), but our dahlias are really ramping up (when you cut a dahlia, the plant bushes and grows more!). So we should be able to keep... read more »

CSA Week #15 - Customize

Posted on August 24th, 2022
Well here's a good pic of most of the crew for a before market lunch on Thursday. Not many of us had heard about the traditional Italian snack of melon & prosciutto (or shall I say, Prosciutto e Melone). So we were in for a real treat when Hans and Mark treated us all to the dish with a melon straight... read more »

CSA Week #15 - Pick Up

Posted on August 19th, 2022
It's pick up time! If you've somehow missed out on melons thus far, be sure to grab one at the market or at the Amish Farm to Market Store. They are plentiful this week, but all melon-seasons must come to an end and this one will certainly end before we're ready to quit eating them! We are making progress... read more »

CSA Week #14 - Customize

Posted on August 17th, 2022
It's week #14, hard to believe isn't it? We're deep in the middle of our next big harvesting task -- onions. We've got a good amount of onions harvested and drying out, and another even better amount still in the field to be harvested early next week. Once the onions have dried for a couple of weeks,... read more »

CSA Week #14 - Pick Up

Posted on August 12th, 2022
Well, it's happened again...melon season sneaked up and caught us unawares. We weren't actually unaware, Rudy had been scoping out the melon patch daily checking for ripeness, but we weren't able to bank on ripe melons when we made our estimate for boxes last Friday and we have ripe melons!... read more »

CSA Week #13 - Customize

Posted on August 10th, 2022
Yay! It's finally tomato time - we're putting a lot more tomatoes into our estimate for next week. We also do some harvesting over the weekend, so sometimes we're able to increase our estimated quantity of certain items. So it's a good idea to check back if what you're looking for was gone initially.  A... read more »

CSA Week #13 - Pick Up

Posted on August 5th, 2022
We're guessing that some of you had some real evidence of just how fresh your shares are after last week's pick up...we harvested the big basil bunches right before packing boxes. We wouldn't be surprised if a couple of you ended up with a previous resident (caterpillar, spider, ladybug...) in your box... read more »

CSA Week #12 - Customize

Posted on August 3rd, 2022
Your customization email is a bit late this week. One reason is that it was SOO hot yesterday, that we went straight to the river after work instead of straight to the internet! But another is so we could finish ironing out the details of a great extra that we have available this week: Flathead Cherries!... read more »