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CSA Week #14 - Customize

Posted on August 17th, 2022 by Bonnie and Rudy Geber

It's week #14, hard to believe isn't it? We're deep in the middle of our next big harvesting task -- onions. We've got a good amount of onions harvested and drying out, and another even better amount still in the field to be harvested early next week. Once the onions have dried for a couple of weeks, they'll be ready for cleaning and trimming, and then off to your boxes and the market. We're feeling the push to get the onion job done with because an even bigger one is looming in the literal foreground...potatoes. While these fall staples are occupying a lot of our time, they're not ready just yet. But that's ok, we've got loads of other great produce to choose from. Hop into your Harvie profile to customize your box for this week. It's a good thing the Flathead Cherries that we've had available as an add-on were very sweet, because they were also very short - so that's no longer an option. But we're hoping that in the next couple of weeks we'll be able to have some of our melons available to satisfy your sweet tooth!

In addition to our regularly scheduled produce, this week we also have:

- Bouquets and edible flowers from Dragon's Breath Farm

- Honey from McLaury Apiaries

- A brief hiatus in breads and bagels from the Gracious Table as baker Mandy is away this week

- Farm Fresh eggs from the Miller Farm

- Gladiolus bunches, bulk garlic, and some 10# flats of tomatoes from our own farm. 

 Have a great weekend,

Rudy & Bonnie

Pic above: Mark and Rudy cheery and tired at the same time after market!