Farm Happenings at Hoot Owl Farm
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Farm Happenings at Hoot Owl Farm

Pop-Up Week #21

Posted on September 30th, 2022
The big change for the farm this week is that the Farmers Market is over, so our weekly schedule will change a bit and there will be a pretty marked slow down in our farm tasks. A good thing too, and we'll be starting with tasks that we haven't done in quite a while: bed clean up, spreading compost,... read more »

Pop-Up Week #20 - Order

Posted on September 28th, 2022
It's usually not a problem having the 'low spot' at the farmers market, the customers tend to roll downhill lol. But it sure became apparent yesterday that we were definitely holders of that particular spot topographically when so much of the rain started to build a lake right in our pick up tent! Those... read more »

Pop-Up Week #20 - Pick Up

Posted on September 23rd, 2022
The season's are definitely changing, but you might be surprised at our main indicator for the shift to fall. It's my (Bonnie's) behavior in the kitchen! Seriously, when I get the inclination to spend time doing all of the prep work, reading and rereading the recipe (Yes, I'm one of those!), and the... read more »

Pop-Up Week #19 - Order

Posted on September 21st, 2022
A short and sweet update on the farm today since we're STILL at it on Friday night preparing for the Harvest Festival tomorrow (at Riverfront Park 12-6 if you're so inclined). We're about ready and will have a respectable showing at the festival with a full display of storage crops like potatoes, onions,... read more »

Pop-Up Week #19 - Pick Up

Posted on September 16th, 2022
We had a wonderful time at the Harvest Festival this past weekend - it was a beautiful day made all the more so by the smoke finally lifting and giving us some clean clear air to breathe deeply! While, the forecast says that tomorrow may not be quite as beautiful, we will be at the Farmers Market rain... read more »

CSA Week #18 - Customize

Posted on September 14th, 2022
Well folks, this is it...the final week of the CSA season! And in true last week fashion, we spent the afternoon doing some preparation for possible frost tonight. The pic above shows our dahlia patch (some of which are only just starting to bloom, so it'd be nice to get them through the first frost... read more »

CSA Week #18 - Pick Up

Posted on September 9th, 2022
The dahlia frost protection worked that after going through the effort of putting it up, it didn't frost! Ah well, if that's the way the universe works, then it's well worth putting up some unused protection. So the dahlias live on and many are destined for the Harvest Festival this Saturday.... read more »

CSA Week #17 - Customize

Posted on September 7th, 2022
The last few times we've planted lettuces have been on these LONG 100' beds, it sure is nice to have less beds to plant, but as we've all noted it's a whole different feeling looking down the line at what you have left to go when it's so far away! It's week #17 which means for some of you, it could... read more »

CSA Week #17 - Pick Up

Posted on September 2nd, 2022
Po-ta-toes! Boil em, mash em, stick em in a stew...anyone else always hear this line from Fellowship of the Ring when they see potatoes!? Well, we still aren't totally finished with the potato harvest, but we are getting there and have plenty of them for your boxes this week and for market as well. One... read more »