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CSA Week #15 - Pick Up

Posted on August 19th, 2022 by Bonnie and Rudy Geber

It's pick up time! If you've somehow missed out on melons thus far, be sure to grab one at the market or at the Amish Farm to Market Store. They are plentiful this week, but all melon-seasons must come to an end and this one will certainly end before we're ready to quit eating them!

We are making progress on our fall storage crops - this week we started trimming the onions (a task that'll take place over several weeks). We've turned off irrigation to our potatoes in preparation for digging them next week, although it sounds like Mother Nature may have some irrigation planned for later tonight anyway. When we're about a week or two out from harvesting our potatoes, we make sure that the plants are dead, either they've run their course on their own or we finish the job by cutting them out (brutal, I know!). This signals the tubers to start toughening up their skins, we also shut off irrigation during this period as it's better that they not be overly moist. So if all goes to plan, we'll start harvesting next week and likely make it a job over the course of 2-3 days so that we don't all break our backs in one day!

Rudy and Bonnie are looking forward to an annual family/friend reunion and camping trip this weekend, which is as close to a mini-vacation as we're likely to get this time of year. We plan to finish up farm tasks on Friday and then check out (other than maybe some minor watering) for the whole weekend. So next week had better be ready for us, we plan to be rested and recharged to meet it!

See you all at pick up, have a wonderful weekend. 

Bonnie & Rudy